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Collection: Print Subscription

Open Studio's Print Subscription offers an affordable entry point for emerging collectors to purchase an artwork by an established visual artist.

Twice a year, Open Studio invites a well-known contemporary artist to create a 10" x 8" print, which can be purchased in advance of a set-deadline for $100. The edition size of the print is determined by how many people buy in (ie: subscribe to the edition) before the deadline closes.

The prints are hand-printed in our Toronto studio and available for in-store pick up, or shipping to you! Once the subscription deadline has passed, a very small number of each print remains available, but is priced in line with the fair market value of the artist's work.
Funds raised help support Open Studio's Visiting Artist Residency program.
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Print Subscription, Spring 2019 - Derek Sullivan
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Print Subscription, Fall 2018 - Jaime Angelopoulos
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