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Open Studio was established in August 1970 at 310 Queen Street West, Toronto, by artists Richard Sewell and Barbara Hall. Chicago artist, Don Holman, joined in 1971 to help set-up a lithography area for the space. An honorary Board of Directors made up of artist members and associates from the broader arts community helped incorporate Open Studio as a non-profit in December 1971, receiving charitable status in January 1972. In January 2004, Open Studio relocated to 401 Richmond Street West.

The Studio was founded as an “open” space governed and supported by artist members who wanted to continue their printmaking practice in an inclusive, communal setting. Printmaking requires specialized equipment, space, and expertise to manage complex chemical processes that demand specific health and safety measures. Open Studio was established as an ARC to fulfill these needs, providing a studio space where artists can work using a variety of print media techniques including intaglio, lithography, relief, screenprinting, with expert help as required.

Today, Open Studio is the only artist-run printmaking centre in Toronto providing affordable, comprehensive access to printmaking facilities and related programs to local, national and international artists. Outside of full-time post-secondary programs, Open Studio is the only organization offering this range of facilities in Toronto for use by printmaking artists. We continue to serve artists through facility rental, residencies, scholarships/fellowships, printing services and art sales. Through our artistic programming and education services, we provide the public with opportunities to appreciate printmaking and its role in the contemporary art world.

For general inquiries about Open Studio, education classes or supplies, email or call 416-504-8238.

For enquiries about artwork, or to set up a consultation, email

Open Studio is located at 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 104, Toronto ON M5V 3A8.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm
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