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William Kurelek - Untitled [Prairie Snow Fun]

William Kurelek - Untitled [Prairie Snow Fun]

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Date: 1976
Medium: Lithograph
Edition: Open Studio Proof
Paper Size: 17.5” x 17”, Image size: 13” x 13”

The image in this print closely resembles an illustration from Kurelek’s beloved children’s book ‘A Prairie Boy’s Winter’, published in 1973. The composition of the figures is a direct match to the original illustration, but they are placed in a slightly altered winter landscape, including a further snowdrift in the background.

These editions are signed as 'Open Studio Proofs' originally assigned to the Open Studio print archive. The original numbered edition size of this print was an edition of 100. This print was published by Isaacs Gallery and printed at Open Studio with Don Holman, the then Director of Lithography. Holman’s embossed artist's chop can be seen in the bottom right corner of the paper.

This proof is a rare example of the lithograph as it was when it left the print studio. In the final released edition, elements of the print were coloured by Kurelek. 

Signed: William Kurelek in bottom right beneath image.
Provenance: Open Studio print archive.
Publisher: Isaacs Gallery, Toronto.

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