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Rita Letendre - Summer II

Rita Letendre - Summer II

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Date: 1972
Medium: Screenprint
Edition: Right to Print
Paper Size: 24" x 38"

This screenprint, Summer II, is one of eight prints produced with Rita Letendre at Open Studio between 1973 and 1979. This edition is signed as a 'Right to Print' originally assigned to the Open Studio print archive. The numbered edition size of this print was an edition of 80, when it was released, Letendre changed the orientation so that the black shard pointed to the bottom left. In keeping with the story fo the print's production, this is a rare example of the print as it was when it left the print studio.  

This print has six colour layers and was created at Open Studio with Richard Sewell. Sewell’s embossed artist's chop (RS) can be seen in the bottom right corner of the paper.

Signature Note: R Letendre in bottom right.
Provenance: Open Studio print archive.

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