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General Idea - Self Immersion

General Idea - Self Immersion

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Date: 1985
Medium: Lithograph
Edition: O.S Proof I/II 
Paper size: 22.25” x 30”, Image size: 17.25” x 26” 

This lithograph, Self Immersion, features General Idea’s iconic poodle and ziggurat motifs and embraces the outline of a broken lithography stone as part of its composition. It is one of four prints produced by General Idea and published by Open Studio when they were Guest Artists at the studio in 1985.

This edition is signed as an ‘Open Studio Proof’ originally assigned to the Open Studio print archive. The numbered edition of this print was an edition of 14 + 4 APs. This print has seven colour layers and was created with printers Karen Curry and Georg Maslov. Open Studio’s square logo chop can be seen in the bottom right corner of the paper. 

Signature Note: General Idea in bottom right
Provenance: Open Studio print archive

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