Collection: Shuvinai Ashoona

When I start to draw I remember things that I have experienced or seen. Although I do not attempt to recreate these images exactly, that is what might happen. Sometimes they come out more realistically but sometimes they turn out completely different. That is what happens when I draw. - Shuvinai Ashoona (From “Ghost Noise”; Produced and directed by Marcia Connolly).

Shuvinai began drawing in 1996. She works with pen and ink, coloured pencils and oil sticks and her sensibility for the landscape around the community of Cape Dorset is particularly impressive. Her recent work is very personal and often meticulously detailed. Shuvinai produced the etching 'Journey to the Past' with Open Studio's Technical Director Anna Gaby-Trotz, when she visited Dorset in 2016.

Text excerpted from the Dorset Fine Arts website.

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