Collection: Samar Hejazi

Samar Hejazi is a Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary diaspora-raised artist of Palestinian descent. Hejazi uses her art to question ideas concerning self-identification and social construction.

Since graduating with a BFA in new media from Ryerson University in Toronto, Hejazi has attended Arquetopia instructional residencies in Oaxaca and Puebla in Mexico, and Cusco, Peru. In 2019 she completed a studio residency at MOCA Toronto, which concluded in a group show. In that same year, she was invited to participate in the International Mentorship program at the Arquetopia Foundation.

Hejazi is the recipient of grants from the TAC, the OAC and the CCA, the Art Business Accelerator grant from Artwork Archive, and scholarships to the aforementioned Archetopia residencies. Her artwork has been included in publications, notably the cover of BlackFlash magazine issue 38.3. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at the Textile Museum of Canada and Warehouse 421 in Abu Dhabi.

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