Collection: Rachel Crummey

A Spider’s Diary is a series of hybrid monoprints/screenprints that emerged during a fraught and uncertain time. Crummey's VA residency began just as the pandemic gained momentum, and its disjointed rhythm echoed the closures and re-openings that came to punctuate the time that followed. The drawing process became both a refuge from and an extension of uncertain outcomes. What does it mean to think with the hand? What do our bodies know? What links objects and events, and how do they spread through space and time? An unhinged web becomes a loose framework for delineating space.

Rachel Crummey is a visual artist and writer of settler descent based in Tkaronto / Toronto. Her poetry and visual art have been published in the Capilano Review, Maisonneuve, and the Malahat Review. She is currently working on a research project, What Can Fungi Teach Us About Improvisation, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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