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Collection: Pamela Dodds

In relief print media of linocut and woodcut,  I create imagery where the gesture of the human form, when mirrored or counterpointed within an expressive environment, can describe a complex and layered moment. I find meaning in the pairing of figures, whether to represent an intimate exchange between individuals, or the shared experience of a multitude. The suites of prints are created in narrative sequence and each print can be read independently, or as a part of a whole.- Pamela Dodds

Pamela Dodds was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, grew up in Toronto, and was transplanted south of the border to the USA as a teenager. She began her art practice in Boston, Massachusetts, where she first exhibited at the artist-run Bromfield Gallery. Early in her career, the Prints and Drawings Dept. of the Boston Public Library began collecting her works on paper. In 2007 the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, USA purchased the 6-print suite Ebb. She returned to Toronto in 2007, and the following year received a generous grant from the Gottlieb Foundation, NY and a Nick Novak Residency at Open Studio Printmaking Centre, Toronto. In 2014 her work was supported by the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Grant for feminist art, and the Hexagon Fellowship at Open Studio.
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