Collection: Nour Bishouty

During her residency, Nour Bishouty developed new work that expanded on current themes and concerns in her practice including landscape, land, and botany - centering on cartography as a mode of knowledge production.

She created four screenprints in which she used reproductions of illustrated plants native to Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria as primary motifs to generate compositions that play with visual tropes of cartography and map-making and create distorted and abstracted landforms. Bishouty tapped into printmaking as a medium historically used for disseminating knowledge, thinking of her “maps” as abstracted gestures that subvert their own form.

Nour Bishouty is an artist working with video, sculpture, digital images, installation, works on paper, and writing. Her practice engages familial and material histories exploring colonial legacies and posing questions around dissonance, opacity, legibility, and the generative possibilities of misunderstanding. Bishouty has an MFA in Visual Arts, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2014) and was a fellow at the 2014/15 HWP program at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and internationally including Gallery44 (Toronto), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto), Access Gallery (Vancouver), Darat Al Funun (Amman), the Beirut Art Centre, Casa Arabe (Madrid & Córdoba), and the Mosaic Rooms (London).

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