Collection: Nancy Fox

Nancy Fox is an artist interested in the intrinsic design of things. She uses a formal, visual language (shape, line, colour, surface) derived from things she encounters in the world such as speeding curves of highway off/on ramps, the aged, patinated color of axe heads, or the angular and varied forms of rocks. These elements are considered and studied, singling out what is formally essential, then materially remade with drawing and printmaking using their unique material qualities. The works highlight both simplicity and beauty of form.

Nancy Fox was born in Edmonton, Alberta and is now based in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Printmaking at the University of Alberta, where she has also received a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She has shown in Toronto at Open Studio and Red Head Gallery and has also participated in exhibitions in Britain, Tokyo, and Estonia. Nancy teaches Print Media for the Art and Art History Program of the University of Toronto Mississauga /Sheridan Institute.

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