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CMYK Pronto Plate Lithography

CMYK Pronto Plate Lithography

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CMYK Pronto Plate Lithography
4-Week Course
$295, includes materials
Thursdays, 6:30PM - 9:30PM
May 9 - 30, 2024
Instructor: Rafa Santos (they/them)
Class capacity: 4 participants

Interested in printing your digital images by hand? This course will not only teach you how to use a fast, efficient lithographic process to achieve vibrant, colorful images but also give you the option to combine the method with hand-drawing to create textured, personalized, and gestural prints. Students will learn to separate a digital image into CMYK layers, printing and drawing onto polymer plates, and using vintage lithographic presses to create an edition of 5 prints, either varied or exact copies — customizable according to the student's desires. A rapid and modifiable process, this course is perfect for DIY artists, digital artists, artists with a drawing background, and art lovers alike!

Suitable for all levels, no prior experience is needed.


About the Print Instructor
Rafa Santos' work fragments both real and imaginary moments in Caribbean and Mediterranean history with artistic liberty. They address the subject of identity with both a private and a public voice at once. Post-minimalist and undisciplinary in their aesthetic, Santos strives to embed something irrational in the seemingly decipherable composition of their work. Currently, their art testifies to the struggle that comes with uncovering and inventing a sense of belonging. This is being done by exploring the different ways to represent/ emulate the haptic, spiritual and musical experiences of communal gatherings across the Caribbean.

Rafa's work has been exhibited as part of the Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency and the Celine Bureau Residency, as well as at Concordia University's FOFA Gallery. Born in Toronto, raised in Ottawa, of Afro-Dominican and Italo-Canadian descent, Rafa's artistry is currently based in Montreal.


Rafa Santos, Rafa Santos, Red Brown Palo (Detail), 2023. Polyester Plate Lithograph on printer paper, 4/5. Image size 14" x 8", paper size 17" x 11".

Rafa Santos, Rafa Santos, Mouth Open, Blue Red Palo, 2 Dancers, Blue Atabales (Layed Out), 2023. Polyester Plate Lithographs on printer paper. Image sizes 14" x 8", paper sizes 17" x 11".

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