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Lot 95: Alex R.M. Thompson, Subject to Change

Lot 95: Alex R.M. Thompson, Subject to Change

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Lot 95
Alex R.M. Thompson
Subject to Change
Etching and aquatint
Artist Proof (AP)
31" x 22"

Alex R.M. Thompson’s body of print- and installation-based work interrogates the structures of power and processes of land use that shape the contemporary world we occupy. His prints are monochromatic fabrications, using monumental, institutional, and infrastructural architecture to create hypothetical cityscapes from existing buildings. Through the process of combining disparate places, he illustrates spaces that are simultaneously plausible, familiar, and forlorn. Recognizable structures emerge outside of their contexts, looming above empty streets that do not exist. The inter-reliant nature of urban areas and the compression of distance as technology connects cities underpin Thompson’s methods of creative generation, leading to reflections on architecture embracing its timeliness/timelessness.

Alex Thompson has exhibited at galleries in Canada and abroad, including The Power Plant (Toronto), The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), and the Gladstone Hotel (Toronto), and has instructed various print techniques at Open Studio (Toronto), OCAD University (Toronto), and the University of Alberta (Edmonton).