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Lot 73: Susy Oliveira, BeauSoleil I

Lot 73: Susy Oliveira, BeauSoleil I

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Lot 73
Susy Oliveira
BeauSoleil I
38" x 26"

Represented by Erin Stump Projects

Oliveira’s BeauSoleil screenprints are meant to look like aged posters, forgotten over time. Working from vintage Playgirl centrefolds that were found online, the works explore the lifespan and malleability of an image. The resulting prints are barely there. Having been forgotten, they are faded, imbued with the passing of time and degraded by its various states of mediation. Imprinted with the memory of place, they reflect a fictional location and are worn away where the sun would have fallen day after day, decade after decade.