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Lot 71: Emma Nishimura, Generational Echoes VI

Lot 71: Emma Nishimura, Generational Echoes VI

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Lot 71
Emma Nishimura, Generational Echoes VI
Photo Etching
Edition 3/24
28" x 23"

This body of work is part of my ongoing research that focuses on the narratives surrounding the Japanese Canadian internment, which investigates the weight of memory and the stories that are passed down from one generation to the next (and the stories that are lost as well).

An extension of my series An Archive of Rememory, this new work draws inspiration from a traditional form of Japanese packaging known as furoshiki, in which a square of cloth or paper can wrap a gift or protect valuable objects.

Within the series, An Archive of Rememory, I worked with photo-intaglio and sculptural papermaking processes and created hundreds of bundled objects that appeared to contain an assortment of objects and have varying illusions of physical weight. Using photographic images from family albums (my own, as well as others) I created photo-etchings and printed these onto hand-made paper before bundling the forms into furoshiki. Small details were accessible when viewed from different angles, yet the complete photographs could never be fully seen. Stories and memories were packaged and archived, revealing some moments, while concealing others.

In this new series, Generational Echoes, I work with the documentation of the sculptural works in An Archive of Rememory. I have transformed these sculptural representations of different memories into a different kind of recorded experience. These stories and memories can no longer be held, turned around, or unfolded. Only one angle, one view has been preserved to share with the next generation.