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Lot 70: Andréanne Michon, Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing 5 (Fourth)

Lot 70: Andréanne Michon, Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing 5 (Fourth)

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Lot 70
Andréanne Michon
Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing 5 (Fourth)
Pyrogravure embossing on Rives paper
8" x 10"

My artistic practice involves multi-layered processes and explores volcanic and tectonic activity - how the planet functions and evolves. Subtle changes occur over time and are often latent and not immediately visible. They come to be recognized incrementally. Simultaneously, some shifts can be dramatic and sudden. I am interested in these variations.

Matrix series The series entitled "Matrix" (2018-2019) was created from an enormous Basalt formed wall which I photographed with my large format camera. The data sourced from those scanned negatives has evolved into another way of carving/printing. This time, it is with fire on wood. Through pyrogravure, the transfer of lines, where information is both lost and created, allows for the rethinking of concepts around photography and printmaking. In this work, I saw the potential for a piece to be made by transforming one visual language into another. With the agency of Japanese wood (initially made for hand carving), deliberate fragments of relief images create organized chaos of a complex geological timeline.

To create "Matrix Pyrogravure Embossing 5 (Fourth)", I transferred the information and materials from those plates onto paper with the press, to create unique embossings. The pigment or colour that we see on the paper consists of the sap and the burned wood, nothing else.