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Lot 7: Philippe Blanchard, Mind Maze

Lot 7: Philippe Blanchard, Mind Maze

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Lot 7
Philippe Blanchard
Mind Maze 2018
Edition 3/6 
28" x 22"

For the last ten years, I have dedicated the majority of my interdisciplinary creative activities to animation, installation, textile and printmaking. My conceptual focus has been to deepen my understandings of animation by endowing it with a spatial and experiential dimension, beyond the limits of the screen, through the use of media not usually associated with the moving image. By doing so, I aim to provide the viewer–who has become indifferent to their unceasing exposure to moving image media–with an unfamiliar experience of what constitutes an animated image. After researching the historical origins of animation - a hybrid medium arising from the combination of magic lantern spectacles, illusionism and puppetry - I had the urge to recast animation in its original role, fundamentally marvellous and magical, based on illusion and the belief in a deeply uncanny experience. 

Inspired from stage design techniques and theatre lighting, I developed installations (Time Tunnel, New Troglodytes, Structured Light) where I illuminate screen-printed images in red, green and blue with computer controlled LED stroboscopic lights. Recently, I have opened this body of work up to hand-dyed knit and tufted textile pieces, lending the work a newfound tactile and sculptural dimension. Another body of work developed through the Nick Novak Fellowship at Open Studio in 2016, experiments with animating screen-prints installed in space through stop-motion animation, juxtaposing the repetition of the printed image to the repetition of the photographic image being played back in time, proposing a reflexion on how time and space and represented through the encounter of two disciplines.