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Lot 46: Samar Hejazi, Transgressed Boundaries - 5

Lot 46: Samar Hejazi, Transgressed Boundaries - 5

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Lot 46
Samar Hejazi
Transgressed Boundaries - 5
5" x 5" Unframed
9" x 11" Framed

By channelling her ancestry through the historical choreography found in craft practices, Samar observes the complex conversations between social constructivism, ethnology and the ethos of modernity. These ideas are engaged in an ongoing way through her process and development of diverse materials and forms.

Samar uses visual perception to question interpretations of structural systems of belief. She emphasizes temporality and transformability to challenge the mind’s inclination to hold and ascertain the truth. Repetition and the use of multiple foci allow the viewer to create their own rhythm and movement within their relationship with the artwork. Light and shadow are manipulated to constantly change in relation to varying vantage points. It is through the viewer's exploration that the artwork is revealed, basing it in their interaction.

Stylistically her practise echos her cultural upbringing as a Palestinian whilst being intellectually inspired by the writings of Audre Lorde, Judith Butler, Donna Harraway, Emmanuel Levinas, Benedict Anderson and Jane Nejdet Erzen.