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Lot 45: Alexandra Hatanaka, Crusher

Lot 45: Alexandra Hatanaka, Crusher

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Lot 45
Alexandra Hatanaka
Linocut on Haini Kozo paper with forged iron ink
Artist Proof 1/2
23.5" x 30"

Alexa Hatanaka is a visual artist working primarily in relief printmaking and textile. Her work engages in time-intensive, historic processes that support her thinking around community-building, environment, and what it means to persist in cultural knowledge.

Hatanaka’s collaborative practice PA System, with Patrick Thompson, creates public artwork, painting and video, with recent works exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada House, London, and the Toronto Biennial of Art. PA System has an ongoing project, circa 2014, called Embassy of Imagination (EOI) based in Kinngait (Cape Dorset, Nunavut) working for and with Kinngait youth and creating large-scale community projects based in collaboration and reciprocal learning. EOI's current project will be exhibited at the British Museum’s major exhibition Arctic: Culture and Climate.

To create Crusher, Hatanaka carved a linoleum block with hand tools and made ink with iron forged from north Baffin island at Baffinland iron ore mine. The work depicts the ephemeral, chiselled snow formations in the arctic, here being altered by the ore extraction. The slow, historic process of hand-printing, both important to Nunavut and Hatanaka's Japanese heritage, is resisting against that which threatens our climate, and acutely threatens arctic homelands.