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Lot 30: Maura Doyle, Vitruvian woman (Flesh Knot II)

Lot 30: Maura Doyle, Vitruvian woman (Flesh Knot II)

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Lot 30
Maura Doyle
Vitruvian woman (Flesh Knot II)
Fundraising Proof 5
29.75 ” x 22”

Represented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art 


Her Vitruvian Mother (Flesh Knot) (2019) prints are drawn in counterpoint to the classical proportion and symmetry of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Created through layers of brush strokes and line, the artist draws limbs becoming entrails becoming arms becoming the artist’s self-portrait. From that same line is drawn her baby, hanging like Spiderman overlooking his city.

All of these works are made from and ultimately transform Doyle’s intimate life experiences as an artist and single mother. From a private journal to editioned work, publication (root word: public) aligns with the act of creation: making something out of messy, illogical and childlike emotions, in contrast to the controlled, rational adult word of acceptable civic behaviour.

Maura Doyle lives and works in Ottawa. Her multidisciplinary practice has included video, ceramics, sculpture, printed matter and drawing. Her most recent work, titled Gone: Removed public art in Ottawa / Anishinaabeg Aki is an artist’s publication commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery. She has exhibited her work across Canada in artist-run centres and art institutions, as well as internationally in New York, Japan, Sweden and Vienna.