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SOLD - Lot 24: Agata Derda, Dreaming Tree

SOLD - Lot 24: Agata Derda, Dreaming Tree

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SOLD - Lot 24 
Agata Derda
Dreaming Tree
Linocut with digital overprint and Chine-Colle
Edition 3/3
43"x 30"

Agata Derda's art practice focuses on the exploration of interpersonal dynamics. As stand-ins for actual human images, she substitutes modified vegetation or man-made forms that are staged in ambiguous, foreboding landscapes. Human engagement with these fictional landscapes is suggested by carefully planned arrangement of objects within the ground, (structures with ropes, machine-like assemblies automata designed for a specific movement etc) which signify a human presence in the work, even though it is unseen. Through the anthropomorphism of these man-made structures, she examines issues of gender, toxic masculinity and the tendency for either self-annihilation or the desire for dominance through violence. She believes these issues to be a fundamental and lamentable aspect of human existence, underpinning all the suffering we as a species experience in day-to-day living.

Agata Derda is a Polish-Canadian visual artist and printmaker. She graduated with MFA from the University of Alberta in 2013. She has shown her work in several solo shows in Canada and national and international group shows in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.