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Lot 2: Ruth Adler, Suit Jacket

Lot 2: Ruth Adler, Suit Jacket

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Lot 2
Ruth Adler
Suit Jacket
Textile collage
23" x 19"

Ruth Adler’s artwork has been exhibited and collected internationally since the 1980s. She has presented numerous solo exhibitions including, Jim Kemper Fine Art (New York), Lonsdale Gallery (Toronto) and Lorber Gallery (Tel Aviv). In the 80s and throughout the 90s she ran her own t-shirt label in Tel Aviv and designed t-shirts for Marci Lipman (Toronto). Ruth received awards and grants for her work including a Bravo Fact award for her video “How Yellowknife Got Its Name.” She has also done commissions for the Iroquois Hotel (New York) and The Schneider Children's Medical Centre (Petach Tiqvah, Israel). In 2000 Ruth began making her digital circles on paper that are currently represented by Artstar (New York).

Ruth currently lives and works in Toronto and Tel Aviv. Ruth Adler's work is pictorial in nature and rooted in an ongoing interest and preoccupation with colour, light and what she sees around her. She lives in an urban centre and is drawn to discount markets and fabric outlet stores. The frenetic energy, saturated colour and provisional nature of her downtown Toronto environment excites and moves her. Her neighbourhood not only influences her work but also the site where she acquires the fabric and objects that she uses together with paint and canvas in her artworks. Her abstract/figurative artwork is created in her studio through a process of experimentation and improvisation. Her work is rooted in a love of colour and an interest in the sensations that colour evokes. She taps into the affective content of her materials with their non-narrative cultural and historical expressions. For her, the site of her investigation is a compelling, rich and exciting place where the intelligence of man-made materials merge with abstract painting.