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Lot 19: Elizabeth D'Agostino, The Tomorrow Forest I

Lot 19: Elizabeth D'Agostino, The Tomorrow Forest I

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Lot 19
Elizabeth D'Agostino
The Tomorrow Forest I
Etching, screenprint and collage
Varied Edition 4/5
15" x 18"

Influenced by environmental discussions surrounding biodiversity, species extinction, climate change and urban expansion, relationships in space and structure are repurposed to create new narratives modified by their characteristics and habitats. Closely connected with the natural landscape outside and within the city has shaped my perspective on nature and how humans interact with animals, humans and surrounding structures. The disruption of many vulnerable species and habitats has led to uncertain outcomes and even the disappearance, claiming individual genes and entire ecosystems.

My current research draws from observational and scientific illustrations of North American flora and fauna. Each project illustrates animal nature and the complexities of the changing landscape, emphasizing how various paths of nature have been interrupted. My interests in landscape, as well as naturalistic forms within architecture, have evolved into fictitious environments, constructing stories from merging elements both imagined and real. These subjects are extracted from their current landscape and assigned new roles within a fabricated landscape

Elizabeth D’Agostino is a Canadian artist working in print media, sculpture and installation. She holds a BFA from the University of Windsor and an MFA from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada and internationally and her prints can also be found in many private and public collections. She is the recipient of many awards and fellowships and was selected by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada to create a custom carpet design for the High Commission of Canada (Canada House) in the United Kingdom.