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Fall 2023 Waterless Photolithography

Fall 2023 Waterless Photolithography

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Waterless Photolithography (4 weeks)
$290, includes materials
Thursdays, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
October 5 - 26, 2023
Instructor: Eva Francis-Work
Class capacity: 4 participants

Explore Waterless Photolithography, a modern print form derived from traditional stone lithography. Create image matrices on light-sensitive aluminum plates using photos, digital images, or drawings. Discover the seamless blend of photography and printmaking. Master digital outputs, plate exposure, and development. Unleash your creativity in this captivating process, revealing tones, textures, and fluid lines. Participants will also learn to print their images using a lithography press. Perfect for photography enthusiasts and printmaking aficionados seeking a unique artistic opportunity.

Suitable for all levels, no prior experience is needed.


About the Instructor
Eva Francis-Work is a print and digital artist from Saskatchewan, where she discovered her passion for waterless lithography during her time at the University of Saskatchewan. Recently completing her undergraduate studies with degrees in Psychology and Fine Arts, Eva's artwork is influenced by her diverse academic background, with a strong focus on self-expression.

Using herself as the subject matter, Eva explores themes of femininity and self-introspection with a touch of subtle humour. Her captivating prints and digital creations showcase her dedication to the craft and her innate talent for storytelling.

Printmaking and digital art are Eva's true artistic loves, and she seamlessly blends these mediums to craft immersive and engaging works. Through her art, she invites viewers into her world of emotion and contemplation, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who experiences her pieces.


Eva Francis-Work, at least I'm funny?, waterless lithograph, 30" x 44", 2022

Eva Francis-Work, BI, BI HEAD, waterless lithography and screenprinting, 18" x 12", 2021

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