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Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B
Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B
Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B
Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B
Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B

Fall 2021 Screenprinting (Mondays) - B

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Screenprinting - B (4-weeks)
$315, includes materials
Mondays, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
November 8 - November 29
Instructor: Samsam Elmi

Participants will learn all aspects of screenprinting, a stencil-based process that uses vibrant water-based inks to create colourful, crisp multiples. Participants will explore a variety of methods to transform images into vibrant multi-layer screenprints through this fast and highly rewarding process.

Suitable for all levels, no prior experience is needed.


About the Print Instructor

Samsam Elmi is a Toronto-based artist and printmaker, who holds an honours BFA in Visual Art from York University. At York University Samsam worked as a print media studio monitor, and after graduating participated in the Open Studio work exchange program as a studio assistant. In the fall, Samsam will be teaching Intro to Screenprinting at Open Studio.

Her practice mainly utilizes the intaglio and screenprinting processes, focusing on the exploration of mark-making juxtaposed with representational imagery. Samsam describes art-making as a cathartic process that captures memories and significant moments that have shaped her outlook as both a person and artist.

Images in order:

1) Open Studio's screenprinting area

2) Connect the dots references shapes picked up when using intaglio’s soft ground technique. The linework in this piece was inspired by irregular forms and shapes on the surface of the skin and wanting to explore the imagery in a more graphic form.

3) Initially taking inspiration from Connect the dots, my Murmuration piece is about connectivity. It is the merging of impressions, both of natural objects and irregular forms, to create a sense of movement as the individual pieces are in the process of meeting in the centre panel.

5-4) Samsam Elmi