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Participants will work with copper plates and acid-resistant grounds to create a range of images, textures and lines. A range of materials will be explored and students will come away with skills to create an edition of hand-printed etchings. Suitable for all levels, no prior experience needed.


Drypoint is related to etching however the surface of the matrix is manipulated manually without the use of acid. Instead, the image on the plate is created manually through scratching, sanding, gouging and burnishing. Chine collé is a process of adhering thin coloured paper to a print during the printing process. Participants will create their own images, learn how to ink up and print using an etching press. The plate-making process can easily be done in a home studio. Both processes can open up new possibilities in printmaking. The class will be using oil-based water wash-up inks. Suitable for all levels, no prior experience is needed.

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