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Open Studio - Contemporary Printmaking Centre



MAY 26 – JUNE 9, 2022

Buy Outright Option
May 26, 12pm – May 29, 5pm EST

Virtual Auction Bidding
May 26, 12pm – June 9, 5pm EST

Artists' Auction Items in Order of Appearance: Philippe Blanchard, Penelope Stewart, Robert Achtemichuk, Victoria Day


We are delighted to announce FUTURE PROOF 2022, a virtual auction in support of Open Studio, launching May 26, 2022.

FUTURE PROOF will feature a selection of stunning artwork to browse, bid on, and buy outright. The virtual auction will showcase a juried selection of prints alongside a curated collection of contemporary art by artists from the Toronto art community who have chosen to support Open Studio.

Purchase your favourite works outright May 26 – 29, or risk missing out to another bidder. The auction will run until June 9, 2022.

Open Studio, Toronto, is an Artist-Run Centre (ARC) and charitable organization dedicated to contemporary print. We offer accessible, inclusive and affordable printmaking facilities, programs and services for artists and the public from across Canada and abroad.

By partaking in this online auction, buyers and bidders can support our charitable mission and enable artists from all backgrounds to work in print for generations to come!

Thank you to the participating artists and their galleries who have donated artwork to support Open Studio and the future of print.

Participating Artists: Anne Abbass, Robert Achtemichuk, Shabnam Afrand, Joshua Alford, Jasmin Nicole Amoako, Ningeosiaq Ashoona, Sally Ayre, Omar Badrin, Robin Bain, Caroline Ariane Bergeron, Alex Bierk, Nour Bishouty, Philippe Blanchard, Sara-Jeanne Bourget, Yael Brotman, Sarka Buchl-Stephenson, Laura Bydlowska Debra Carter, carlina Chen, J. Yuen Ling Chiu, Anne Marie Cosgrove, Briar Craig, Mark Crofton-Bell, Louis Crout, Rachel Crummey, Susan Cunningham, Victoria Day, Agata Derda, Desiree DeRuiter, Jennifer DiCresce, Pamela Dodds, Hazel May Eckert, Samsam Elmi, Sonya Filman, Elizabeth Forrest, Eva Francis-Work, Ted Fullerton, Douglas Gammage, Fatima Garzan, Elena Gorlenko, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Laine Groeneweg, Sadko Hadzihasanoviz, Libby Hague, Nadine Hajjaj, Vanessa Hall-Patch, Johan Hallberg-Campbell, Mark Johnsen, Cheryl Kaplan, Pascaline Knight, Shannon Knott, Christine Koch, Jenn Law, Karen Kar Yen Law, Hannah Lind, Lorna Livey, Andrew McKay, Alex McLeod, Liz Menard, Merijean Morrissey, Steven Murray, Ignazio Nicastro, Shogo Okada, Loree Ovens, Luke Painter, Kurt Pammer, Liz Parkinson, Kathleen Parle, Carrie Perreault, Cleopatria Peterson, Negar Pooya, Genie Liang & Shun Yamamoto, Walter Procska, Thea Reid, Lyla Rye, Irina Schestakowich, Emma Juliette Sherland, Egor Sokolov, Penelope Stewart, Derek Sullivan, Mohammad Tabesh, Otis Tamasauskas, Jocelyne Thibault, Alex Thompson, Heather J. A. Thomson, Phoebe Todd-Parrish, Gwen Tooth, David Trautrimas, Gabrielle Tyrie, Kelly Uyeda, Olive Wei, Noelle Wharton-Ayer, Kate Wilson, Annie Wong, Joy Wong, Claire Wright, Leszek Wyczolkowski, Nadine Wyczolkowski, Syed Zia Zaidi, Shaheer Zazai

We look forward to unveiling the FUTURE PROOF collection soon!


1. Create a Shopify account with us beforehand to begin bidding. Click here to set up an accountNOTE: When you first create a Shopify account with us you will receive a verification/activation email you'll need to click to confirm. Check your email/spam folder.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the FUTURE PROOF link in the Shop menu.

3. You can now place your bid by clicking through on the auction item (image). Once you place your bid a ‘placed bid successfully’ message will appear.

You can access your account at any time to see the auction history, and you will also receive an email about your successful bid!

Need help? Watch this useful video tutorial here.

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Assurart InsuranceBaskin Wealth ManagementThe Japanese Paper Place

Assurart: Best in Print, $1,000 Winner: TBC
Japanese Paper Place: Honourable Mention in Print, $500 Winner: TBC
Baskin Wealth Management: Honourable Mention in Print, $500 Winner: TBC
Winners will be announced during the closing week of the auction.

Interested in donating? Click here and help us secure the future of print!

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