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We’re excited to announce the Open Studio Print Subscription Program. The premise is simple. Each year we will offer the public (that's you!) the chance to buy a limited-edition subscription print produced by an artist that has participated in our Open Studio Visiting Artist Residency Program


  • Each individual subscription costs $100.
  • You will receive a 10” x 8” letterpress print.
  • The subscription artist will be announced in advance and you will be able to sign up for a print from the edition before a set deadline.
  • You must sign-up to buy into the edition before the subscription deadline is closed.
  • The edition size will be determined by how many sign-ups are received. 
  • Funds raised by the print subscriptions will go towards supporting our Visiting Artist Residency Program. 

    *Please note that quantity will fluctuate as orders come in and the final edition will be announced at deadline time*

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The Open Studio Print Subscription Program: Jaime Angelopoulos
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